Will Qatar lose the World Cup? Here's what insiders are saying

Qatar should be stripped of the World Cup if it is proven bribery played a part in the Gulf state’s successful bid, according to football fans, commentators and FIFA officials.

Construction magnate Mohamed bin Hammam allegedly paid cash to people at FIFA while lobbying for Qatar to hold the 2022 World Cup, the Sunday Times has reported.

Those in the football industry are starting to speak out about the allegations, offering their opinions as to whether Qatar should keep the 2022 World Cup, or if it should go back to a vote and should be given to another nation.

For a re-vote:

FIFA vice-president Jim Boyce: “I certainly as a member of the executive committee would have absolutely no problem whatsoever if the recommendation was for a re-vote.”

Lord Goldsmith, a member of FIFA’s independent committee on governance: “If it is proved that the decision to give Qatar the World Cup was procured by, frankly one can describe it no other way, bribery and improper influence, then that decision ought not to stand.”

FIFA chairman Greg Dyke: “If it is shown it is a corrupt system and the people who won used bribery and other influence to get the vote, then of course it’s got to be done again.”

Gary Lineker: “More allegations of corruption against Qatar and members of FIFA exec. Is anyone surprised anymore?”

John Whittingdale MP, head of the World Cup bribery inquiry: “As for Qatar, if it is now clear that the decision made involved hugely inappropriate payments and possible corruption, that makes the case for reopening the vote overwhelming.”

Clive Efford MP, shadow sports minister: “FIFA must take urgent action and reopen the bidding for the 2022 World Cup if it wants to restore its credibility.”

Against a re-vote:

The Qatar 2022 Bid Committee: “Following today’s newspaper articles, we vehemently deny all allegations of wrongdoing. We will take whatever steps are necessary to defend the integrity of Qatar’s bid and our lawyers are looking into this matter.”

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  • Anonymous

    So we kick Qatar out of the system and they then cut our LNG imports and the lights go out.
    We talk so holier than thou but when we look at Russia and the winter Olympics and Saudi Arabia and the 9/11 tragedy and so many other despostic regimes, why do we pretend that we are the judge and jury of others.
    Yes we may have so many muppet country's industrial companies and billionaire divorces wanting to use our Courts but that has just made the Court system unaffordable to ordinary businesses.
    We choose to ignore our own failings and highlight others where is that smart thinking.
    Our banks don't understand business our politicians only care about themselves duck houses and their expenses and Jo ordinary is accused of not caring
    To me its about time we started to think about what we're trying to achieve here because I for one and sick of this patronising claptrap about bribery and back handers what about BAE and lavish corporate entertaining.
    To me if all it took was £3million to swing the bent FIFA then it sounds dirt cheap considering what investment Qatar are putting in

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