Which top CEOs are most likely to leave their positions in 2015?

Paddy Power’s brutal odds

Sometimes the Sword of Damocles dangles perilously over CEOs’ heads for years. We’re all aware of a few appointments that in hindsight were probably wrong, while others seemed great until the *ahem* financial irregularities were leaked to the press.

But who’s likely to be on the chopping block in 2015? Who’s coming first in the CEO sack race or running fastest down resignation road?

Well, according to Paddy Power, Rolls-Royce boss John Rishton is the most likely to leave his post, with odds of 6/5.

Revenue fell for the first time in 10 years at Rolls-Royce last year, which Rishton in a colossal understatement described as a “mixed year”.

The company restructured its aerospace division with a loss of 2,600 jobs, after profit warnings and the departure of its CFO Mark Morris after 27 years at the company.

However, not far behind at 11/8, with odds shortening considerably since the start of the year, is HSBC’s Stuart Gulliver. Gulliver has had a troubled start to the year after being implicated in the HSBC tax evasion probe.

Paddy Power said: “Rishton may head the betting but there may be trouble ahead in Gulliver’s world.”

Here’s the full line up of CEOs most likely to leave their positions in 2015, according to Paddy Power:

John Rishton - Rolls Royce Holdings         6/5

Stuart Gulliver - HSBC     11/8

Andrew Witty - GlaxoSmithKline               7/2

Bob Dudley - BP                9/2

Vittorio Colao - Vodafone            6/1

Jeremy Darroch - Sky     6/1

Ivan Menezes - Diageo  8/1

Carolyn McCall - EasyJet                9/1

Antonio Horta-Osorio - Lloyds Bank         10/1

Antony Jenkins - Barclays             10/1

Stephen Hester - RSA Insurance Group 10/1

Ross McEwan - RBS Group           12/1

Mark Wilson - Aviva        16/1

Graham Beale - Nationwide        20/1

Paul Polman - Unilever  20/1

Sebastian James - Dixons Carphone        25/1

Paddy Power current prices



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