Where The Sun don’t shine: Murdoch tabloid set to scrap paywall

Digital eclipse to end in November

Murdoch Brooks, phone signal

Murdoch signals change

In 2013 The Sun’s online readership stood at an impressive 30 million unique users a month, but following News International’s paywall implementation that year, the website has languished in the gloom of a permanent eclipse.

But with Rebekah Brooks back on board, Rupert Murdoch’s paper is now set to perform a complete U-turn and will again offer content for free online.

According to the Guardian, which broke the story, the paper has pondered tearing down the wall since July this year when it began offering a limited range of content for free on the web.

The move means The Sun will pit itself against the domination of the Mail Online in the highly competitive free online advertising space.

The paper also took on former Daily Mail and Telegraph senior executive Tony Gallagher as its new editor in September, and may also be lining up managing editor of the US Mail Online as part of the transition to a free website.

Employees at The Sun are expected to have been told of the changes today, the Guardian reports, with the new dawn forecast for 30 November.

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