Vanishing act: What happened to all the nightclubs?

Have you noticed clubs are disappearing?

The number of nightclubs in the UK has halved in 10 years.

In 2005, there were 3,144 clubs, according to the Association of Licenced Multiple Retailers (ALMR) but this has shrunk to 1,733 in 2015.

Pub opening hours, the smoking ban, tuition fees and other financial squeezes are to blame for the decline in clubbing, Ministry of Sound boss Lohan Presencer told the BBC.

“I don’t think the number of people going clubbing at the weekend is any different to where it was 20 years ago, but I do think they are going to different places,” he said.

“I think people are finding different ways and different places to go out.”

Others blamed regulations and said clubbers were becoming attracted to less commercial nights, which didn’t have the same planning and licencing rules, where smoking indoors is permitted, for example.

The government said: “We know the important contribution the sector makes to our economy and the nation’s cultural landscape.

“The current regulations strike a fair balance between making sure we have music entertainment for the public and preventing crime and disorder, whilst keeping the public safe.”

The ALMR said the venues it represents created 37,000 new jobs last year, with more than 80% of these for 18-14 year olds.


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