Unpaid overtime means managers are working 6 day week

Managers in the UK are working an additional day per week of unpaid overtime due to easy access to emails through smartphones and pressure in the workplace, a new study has shown.

Over 90% of British managers work beyond their contracted hours, with about 50% working an additional day of unpaid overtime, and 13% working an additional two days, according to the research by the Institute of Leadership and Management.  

The study said that about two thirds of employees felt they were under pressure to work additional hours.  

 ILM chief executive Charles Elvin said: “When you add up all the skipped lunch breaks, early morning conference calls and after hours emails you see just how widespread the extra hours culture is within UK business.

“Of course, all organisations face busy periods when employees will feel motivated to work above and beyond their contractual hours.

“But excessive hours are not sustainable - there are only so many times you can burn the midnight oil before your performance, decision making and wellbeing begin to suffer.”

Elvin said that smartphone technology had compounded the tendency to work outside contracted hours, saying some people checked their phones “obsessively”.

He said: “We all know how stressful it can be to receive an urgent late night email when you feel compelled to respond immediately.”

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