Tube tunnel farms: London’s veg scene goes underground

These days everyone likes to know where their food comes from. But what if you found out your veg wasn’t grown in the great British countryside but in a tunnel underneath the Northern Line?

This will very soon become a reality as two entrepreneurs have teamed up with celebrity chef Michel Roux Jr to start a farm in tunnels 100ft below the surface.

Leasing the space near from Clapham North from Transport for London, Richard Ballard and Steven Dring have been conducting trials for 18 months and will begin full-scale work in March.

This means London tunnel vegetables, initially herbs and shoots, will hit shops later in the year.

The farm will have low-energy LED lightbulbs in the absence of natural light, and will be at a constant 16C throughout the year. Pesticides will not be needed as a filter will simply not allow bugs in.

“When we showed Michel our farm for the first time, he thought the rumble he could hear was my stomach. It was actually a Northern Line train about to go overhead,” said Dring.


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