This big problem is threatening the UK’s growth and chances are you’ve experienced it too

It’s even a problem in the White House

The Obamas have been struggling with a poor internet connection, with wifi in the White House reportedly “sketchy” with a “lot of dead spots”, according to the US president.

But it’s not just the US head of state who suffers from a bad connection.

Research from manufacturers’ lobby group EEF found broadband in the UK is not good enough to support the growth of industry.

In addition, half of all manufacturers surveyed said broadband costs had risen in the last two years.

This is a worrying sign for business as broadband is now seen as an essential utility, like water or electricity.

The EEF is calling for more competition in the business broadband market.

Ofcom is due to release a report in the next few weeks about the telecoms market which is expected to recommend breaking up BT or launching a competition inquiry.

Business Secretary Sajid Javid said it was right that the issue was being examined and promised he would “take action” on the report when it is published.

EEF infographic



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