These are the world’s top 10 largest sovereign wealth funds

Number 1? Norway’s Government Pension Fund - Global with $882bn worth of assets

Be it China or Qatar, the world’s sovereign wealth funds are snapping up British assets every other day.

But which are the world’s top 10 largest sovereign wealth funds? Take a look at this list by Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute

1. Government Pension Fund - Global

Country: Norway

Assets: $882bn

Inception: 1990


2. Abu Dhabi Investment Authority

Country: UAE – Abu Dhabi

Assets: $773bn

Inception: 1976


3. SAMA Foreign Holdings

Country: Saudi Arabia

Assets: $757.2bn

Inception: n/a


4. China Investment Corporation

Country: China

Assets: $652.7bn

Inception: 2007


5. Kuwait Investment Authority

Country: Kuwait

Assets: $548bn

Inception: 1953


6. SAFE Investment Company

Country: China

Assets: $547bn 

Inception: 1997


7. Hong Kong Monetary Authority Investment Portfolio

Country: China – Hong Kong

Assets: $400.2bn

Inception: 1993


8. Government of Singapore Investment Corporation

Country: Singapore        

Assets: $344bn

Inception: 1981


9. Qatar Investment Authority  

Country: Qatar

Assets: $256bn

Inception: 2005


10. National Social Security Fund

Country: China

Assets:  $236bn

Inception: 2000


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