The degree rich list - here are the top 10 university degrees with the highest starting salaries

The usual suspects are at the top

Economics degrees provide the best earnings in the five years after graduation, according to research.

The crowdsourced data from salary ranking site Emolument also shows Law and Maths graduates are on to a good thing too.

Here are the salary expectations five years after graduating from the following degrees:

1. Economics – £45,000

2. Law – £42,000

3. Maths/Statistics – £39,000

4. Chemistry/Natural Sciences – £38,000

5. Accounting/Business/Finance – £37,000

6. Engineering – £37,000

7. Computer Sciences – £37,000

8. Physics/Life Sciences/Healthcare – £36,000

9. Management/Strategy – £36,000

10. History/Geography/Politics – £34,000



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  • So what a dilemma! After 5 years from graduating, the top ten subjects graduates still can't afford to get a mortgage on a flat in London. I think about 75K is required. What are figures for how many years after graduation that these graduates will be earning enough for a place to live without having to pay extortionate rents for their lifetime?

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  • Anonymous

    mass com / media not cocered in survey ...salaries are low if comapred to other develoeped countries !!!!!

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  • What about Medicine???

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  • Medicine is a little lower I think, but obviously rises with experience over the years. My eldest son is a second year Med student and he doesn't expect to rise to much over 60K except where you use 'spare time' (If you have any during waking hours) to do 'locum' work- which is very well paid but only once you are fully qualified (by which time most graduates would have been working already for about 4 years). I don't think you go into Medicine for the money, but maybe that's a good thing?

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