The crazy rollercoaster of the McDonald’s corporation – in numbers

The company’s sales are slumping in the US but flying high in the UK

Here’s what’s going on with McDonald’s in numbers:

68 million

the number of McDonald’s customers served per day worldwide


the number of countries the company operates in


the number of outlets it has across the globe


McDonald’s share price on the New York Stock Exchange. It’s at an all-time high right now after five years of fluctuating.


the number of operators in the US which are insolvent, as estimated by one McDonald’s franchisee. After the chain brought in all-day breakfasts, many outlets struggled to cope, with one manager remarking: “The CEO is sowing the seeds of our demise.”


the number of straight quarters the chain has seen sales decline in the US


the drop in same-store sales in the US in Q2 of 2015


the drop in same-store sales worldwide in Q2 of 2015

The McDonald's uniform as designed by Bruce Oldfield in 2008

The McDonald’s uniform as designed by Bruce Oldfield in 2008


the rise in UK turnover to £1.4bn in 2014. The UK arm is actually growing despite problems in the US.


the wiped off the company’s UK turnover in 2013, when it was discovered there had been an accounting error. Turnover in 2013 was £1.37bn, not £1.5bn as initially reported.


the year McDonald’s first opened in the UK. Steve Easterbrook, McDonald’s new CEO is from the UK.


corporation tax paid in the UK in 2014

More than 1,250

the number of McDonald’s restaurants in the UK



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