Terrorism has reached its highest level EVER - Here are 7 shocking stats that show the true cost of terrorism

The Institute of Economics and Peace’s Global Terrorism Index shows the extent of destruction terrorism has caused the world – and it doesn’t even include stats from last week’s attacks in Paris.

The economic costs of terrorism reached $52.9bn (£34.8bn) in 2014, the highest level ever. This figure is up 60% on the previous year.

The Global Terrorism Index measures the impact of terrorism in 162 countries, covering 99% of the world’s population.

Presenting the report, executive chairman of the institute Steve Killelea said: “I urge policymakers to use the findings of this report to help redefine tackling terrorism strategies and help shift focus towards peace.”

Take a look at this graph by the Institute of Economics and Peace:

Global Terrorism Index infographic


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Readers' comments (3)

  • Not all these can be taken as terrorist attacks, some are just criminal or acts carried out by insane individuals.

    Even the total of 32,658 killed pales into insignificant compared to the 1.240 million people killed in car crashes world wide. Just the number killed in the USA equates to those killed.by terrorism world wide. Or how about several million who die each year due to insects?

    Clearly one death due to terrorism is one too many, but in risk terms its still a relatively small one.

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  • Anonymous

    How is Bombing Syria going to stop terrorism? Terrorists are increasingly being radicalised locally and do not first need to go to Syria in order to carry out an attack. The bombing will only serve as a trigger to inflame Moslems around the world and increase radicalisation,. Many will see their religion under attack by the West regardless of whether the ultimate goal is to remove Assad's or not. Remember it is the same Western governments and their Saudi and Gulf allies that have funded terrorist groups to attack Arab regimes that do not toe the line. Western governments need to understand that Moslems do not see the Western world in the same secular terms that the West views itself and the rest of the World. Islam cannot exist in a vacuum within a secular state especially in the Muslim majority countries of the Arab world, there will always be calls to integrate it's precepts into everyday life and that includes many non-democratic practices which may sound like an affront to the morally righteous Westerners but which is seen as part and parcel of muslim political and social culture. the earlier Western governments stop interfering in the affairs of Arab and muslim majority countries the better and the less chances of terrorism. There is always no smoke without a fire and terrorist attacks do not just happen out of the blue without a cause ditto Northern Ireland and the IRA. I think the West will be better of drawing it's bridges up and living in it's secular lifestyle. Not everyone wants to live or be like people in the Western world and not every culture would like to experience the degeneracy in morality that have plagued post Christian western Europe and North America since the abandonment of Christianity by the majority of it's citizens. Westerners may not like religion but it doesnt mean it is wrong and it doesnt mean other cultures should follow in it's footsteps. yes there are many things wrong with radical Islam and Islamic law and practice in modern society from a western standpoint but the people have subscribed to living by the precepts of their religion, and that should be respected. Unfortunately the whole Middle Eastern fiasco is geo-politically motivated and ultimately has access to Oil and Gas at its roots.

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