Six senior FIFA officials have been arrested for corruption – but it’s nothing to do with Qatar

The suspects face extradition to the US

Six FIFA officials including vice-president Jeffrey Webb were arrested this morning in a dawn raid in Zurich on suspicion of corruption.

The corruption allegations are ahead of FIFA’s presidential election on Friday, with the suspects alleged to have accepted bribes worth £65m over 20 years.

The allegations are not believed to be brought on by heat surrounding the controversial 2022 Qatar World Cup - despite reports of corruption and a fierce public campaign.

Sepp Blatter, the incumbent, is hoping to be re-elected for a fifth term as president and is not understood to be one of those arrested.

Blatter’s rival candidate Prince Ali Bin al-Hussein of Jordan described events as “a sad day for football”.

Jack Warner (former Fifa vice-president), Eduardo Li, Eugenio Figueredo and Maria Marin are known to have been arrested.


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