Revealed: 11 things the world’s billionaires have in common

Did you know? Nearly a fifth of billionaires have five children or more

If you’ve always wondered what it takes to be a billionaire, you might be interested in this. Boffins at Go Compare have crunched some numbers to see what the biggest billionaires in the world have in common.

Here’s what they found:

1. The number of self-made billionaires has been falling since 2007 when 64 of the top 100 were self-made, compared with 58 in 2014.

2. Of the top 100 billionaires, only 12 are women.

3. In 1997, the average billionaire age was 43. In 2015, it was 61.

4. Billionaires are more likely to be married than the US population. Only 12% of billionaires were unmarried, compared with 51% of the general population.

5. A quarter of billionaires had four children, 23% had three, 9% had two and only 5% had one child. A fifth had no children at all, and 17% five or more.

6. They were more likely to have a university education than the general population, with 76% having a degree or more, compared with 38% of the US.

7. The top three billionaires in the world, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and Carlos Slim Helu all lost about 40% of their wealth during the financial crisis, but since then have nearly doubled their wealth.

8. Despite entering the tech scene and gaining their wealth at different times, the four biggest 21st Century tech billionaires have nearly the same amount of money: Sergey Brin has $29.2bn, Larry Page $29.7bn Mark Zuckerberg $33.4bn and Jeff Bezos $34.8.

9. Aquarius is the most common star sign among billionaires, with 12.5% of billionaires born under that sign. The least common with only 5.9% of billionaires is Cancer.

10. Of the top 100 billionaires, only 41% wear glasses, compared with 64% of the national population in the US. Perhaps they can afford laser eye surgery.

11. Meanwhile, 21% were bald in 2015, down from 23% in 2014.



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