RBS allegations are “deeply troubling and extremely serious” says Mark Carney

Bank of England governor Mark Carney has described allegations that RBS forced small firms out of business and then bought their premises at low prices in order to make a profit, as “deeply troubling and extremely serious”.

Speaking to MPs yesterday, Carney said that if the claims proved to be true, “this behaviour is a fundamental violation of the integrity of the banking relationship”.

The accusations emerged after a report compiled by businessman, Lawrence Tomlinson, showed that firms that had been forced into RBS’s restructuring group were then hit with high interest rates and fines, before selling their assets at rock-bottom prices to RBS’s property arm West Register.

The report was deemed so serious it was handed to Bank of England deputy governor Sir Andrew Large who has recommended that the bank look into the damaging claims.

But the committee’s chairman, Andrew Tyrie, queried Carney’s surprise at the allegations.

He said: “We as MPs have been inundated with complaints about this for years. [We were] told that this was not so, there were no supply constraints, that customers were being treated reasonably.”

“Don’t you think it’s shocking that these manifest weaknesses and maltreatment of RBS customers had not been picked up much earlier by somebody?”

Carney responded by saying that if the behaviour was common and widespread, then it would be “remarkable” and “shocking” that it had not been picked up on by City regulators, the RBS board, or UKFI, the group which oversees the stake in the state-backed banks RBS and Lloyds.

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