Our pick of 2011's Christmas adverts

Knickers, Potter, cheerleaders and John Steinbeck? Eh?

“Our TV campaigns have become almost legendary and, for many customers, mark the start of Christmas,” were the depressing comments made by M&S’s director of marketing, Steven Sharpe, recently.

And there was I imagining that perhaps, just perhaps, Christmas might still have some integrity.

Sharpe’s comments become, well, sharper when one watches the new Marks & Spencer meets X Factor contestants advert. I love M&S, I’m rather partial to X Factor too, but let’s face it, this gooey-gorgonzola-on-sliced-emmental cheese fest is just too much.

So, here are some rather good, some excellent, even some saucy advertising antidotes from this year’s Christmas crop.


1.       Sky Movies Christmas advert 2011

They’re all there. Superman, Harry Potter, Gulliver Travels in a film editor’s wet dream. Enjoy.


2.       Ann Summers Christmas advert 2011

I’m not sure if it’s the slutty underwear, the soundtrack’s heavy synths or the slow-mo gratuitous shots of bellies and legs that don’t belong to impossibly perfect super models that makes me like this advert so much. It’s probably the glitzy underwear, which I can’t help thinking must be ever so scratchy?

Anyway, cool and Christmassy this is.


3.       John Lewis Christmas Advert 2011

Ahhhh… the lovely John Lewis has done it again – or at least the ad’s director Dougal Wilson has. Launched on Facebook and YouTube today, it’s got the Twitterati all a gaga (well Caitlin Moran). Unfortunately not everybody quite gets it (our editor didn’t - bad luck Sophie).

Watch and decide for yourself.


4.       Boots “Christmas brought to you by the girls” 2011

Another offering from a high street giant, and the latest addition to the seemingly endless Here Come The Girls franchise, ithe new Boots number is a bit cheesy, but, well, I’m a girl after all.

5.       BBC Four America Season 2011

So this one’s not quite Christmas focussed – but – it is brand new and for winter, and winter is Christmas, so it’s made the cut. And anyway, when else are you going to watch cheerleaders chant about Jack Kerouac and Lichtenstein, or indeed a gymnast called Bethany perform the circular narrative of Mice and Men?

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  • Good selection there. The M&S advert is rather cheesy isn't it? My favourite is one you don't mention though, the Sainsburys ad. Maybe I'm just a sucker for George Formby jolliness but that's the one getting my vote for best Christmas advert

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