Oscar Time: Paddy Power’s bad taste Pistorius ad to be investigated by ASA

Irish bookmaker Paddy Power, which is taking bets on the outcome of Oscar Pistorius’s murder trial, is set to be investigated by the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA), after almost 50 people complained that their ad was in bad taste.

The controversial campaign featuring Pistorius offers “money back if he walks”. It caused 46 complaints to the ASA, and a petition on change.org to stop the campaign now has over 120,000 signatures.

The investigation will examine whether Paddy Power breached the advertising rules around causing offence. The bookmaker moved to defend their add two days ago, and described the trial as “like OJ Simpson on steroids”.

Paddy Power is no stranger to courting controversy and has been criticised in the past for targeting “chavs” and the transgender community.

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