Men in pink shirts are "better qualified and have more office romances", says study

You can tell a lot about your staff by their shirts.

A new study has found that men wearing pink shirts feel more attractive, confident and have more office romances.

In a poll of 1,500 male office workers, men who wore pink shirts were found to earn an extra £1,000 a year, be better qualified, and get more compliments from female colleagues than their less exotically beshirted colleagues.

Those who wear purple or lilac said they had the most office romances, while those who just wore blue had the least.

Even more astonishingly, the men in pink were twice as likely to have a masters degree as those who prefer white shirts.

In further pro-pink news, the survey conducted by Cotton USA claims that these satorial adventurers are the most environmentally friendly, with the pink-shirts most likely to have a low carbon footprint. Half of them take public transport to work.

In a crumb of consolation for the traditional types, it was found that those wearing white shirts were most likely to be punctual for work. However, those wearing green shirts were exposed as the least punctual workers.

Cotton USA international marketing manager Stephanie Thiers-Ratcliffe said: “You can tell a lot about someone by the colour they wear.

“Pink is a colour more men have been embracing recently and it’s encouraging that they are not afraid to experiment with brighter colours.

“We spend most of our days at work and it’s good for company standards, our own confidence and work ethic to remain smart, but that doesn’t mean you have to be boring.”

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