Londoners are the biggest liars when it comes to job-hunting

A whopping 40% of Brits admit to lying on their CV

Londoners are the most likely to lie on their CVs, according to a survey.

Data from recruitment app Job Today shows more than one in three people have lied on their CV at least once and a quarter of people do it regularly.

Londoners are the biggest liars, with 44% of people lying on their CV, compared with just 26% of people in Scotland.

The highest earners lie the most, with 44% saying their reason for lying is that they fear competition. A further 39% of those who admit to lying in the higher earning brackets exaggerate their extra-curricular activities, thinking that experience alone is not enough to bag the job.

Men are also much bigger liars than women, with a third of women admit to having lied on their CV, compared with 42% of men.

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