Hundreds of students may want their money back from a London university. Here’s why

It’s all gone wrong

About 350 students at London School of Business and Finance may have to return to their home countries after the university lost its border licence.

Many international students are demanding their money back and compensation after the private college’s licence was revoked.

One South American student who was studying an MBA said she had been paying £9,000 a year and had undergone a lengthy and rigorous visa application to study in the UK, which had involved a face-to-face interview.

Students from outside the EU are being forced to return to their home countries by the end of March.

Under current rules, institutions which have too many visa applications of potential students denied have their licence suspended.

*** Update***

The London School of Business and Finance contacted London Loves Business and said: “The great majority of our international students will be able to complete their course as expected, either online or with one of our academic partners. But nevertheless we have the arrangements in place to ensure our students receive fair compensations and appropriate refunds.”



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