Home Office: Professionals fleeing UK in "large and increasing" numbers

Nearly half of all British people leaving the UK each year are middle-class professionals, according to Home Office data.

A “large and increasing number” of professionals have been leaving over the last 20 years for better career opportunities and lifestyles abroad.

“This may have implications for the availability of skills in the UK,” the report said.

48% of British emigrants came from professional backgrounds in 2010, a sizable increase from 37% in 1991.

CBI director-general John Cridland said he hoped tax cuts would stem the rate of emigration.

“There is no doubt that the spike in recent years was due in part to high personal tax rates, which the Chancellor is now tackling.”

A Home Office spokesman:

“We encourage the brightest and the best migrants and the UK remains an attractive destination. But to continue competing in a global race, businesses must invest in the skills of UK workers, and retain our own highly skilled workforce.”


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