Here’s proof Britain’s top boardrooms are going backwards on diversity

The boardrooms of Britain’s top companies are becoming less ethnically diverse, despite a huge government push to improve diversity.

A whopping 69% of FTSE100 companies have all-white executive teams, up from 65% in February, according to Green Park Executive Recruitment, meaning Vince Cable’s drive to get more ethnic minorities into the boardroom doesn’t seem to have worked.

Only 5% of FTSE100 directors are non-white, despite the average for the population as a whole being 14% non-white, according to the Office for National Statistics.

Cable had a target of 20% ethnic minority directors in business by 2020, but this was reduce after lobbying by the Institute of Directors and the CBI.

“Black and ethnic minority representation on UK FTSE 100 boards is currently at around 5%, which is much lower than we would expect if the company boards reflected the population of this country,” the business secretary said recently.

“I want us to extend the successful campaign we have led to increase female representation on FTSE 100 boards to tackle invisibility of ethnic minorities in Britain’s top companies.”

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Readers' comments (2)

  • Think someone needs to take a reality check on the statics. 5% for a population of 14% non-white is pretty good considering a good % of the non-white are recent comers to the country.

    Its not about% ethnic make of boards or % male/female its about having the brightest and best. The only thing government should be doing is ensuring everyone has an equal chance - whether they take it or not is up to them!

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  • What so strange of this fact most large cumpanied recrute from a small pool of inberd people who have stuady in the correct shhools and are well known to each other and belong to the same clubs.
    If we are to move forward as in the USA then we have to get rid of these leaches both in busness and parelement.

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