Here's how London beat New York to be the most successful city in the world

It’s all in the jobs market

London is the most successful city in the world, beating its main rival New York.

A Deloitte report, Global Cities, Global Talent – London’s Rising Soft Power, found London is pulling ahead, offering 1.71 million high-skilled jobs. This compares to 1.16 million in New York and just 0.63 million in Paris.

Most successful cities in the world

London was also found to be the most global city, as the report looked at diversity and how many people from London go to work elsewhere.

However, London performed poorly on one aspect of the report, coming joint fifth out of seven cities on gender diversity among executives. London had just 10.5% women, compared with 12.3% in top-ranking Sydney and followed by 11.9% in New York.

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