Here’s all the proof you need that female executives make your business more profitable

Companies with women at the top make more money

Having female executive directors on their boards is a sure-fire way of improving profitability, or at least a sign of a successful business, a study has found.

Companies with female executives had a higher return on assets than those with no women last year, according to the report by Grant Thornton, which looked at the UK, US and India.

In the FTSE 350, 94% of companies have at least one woman on their board, however, only 13% have at least one female executive.

The UK was above the US in the gender stakes, but behind India, where 22% of the CNX 200 companies had female execs.

The report comes shortly before a major drive by the British government to get more women into executive positions. A report by the government-backed Davies committee is set to be released next month looking into the talent “pipeline” for women.


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