Foreign Office cleaners get a disciplinary for asking Philip Hammond for the living wage

A total of 14 cleaners signed a letter to the foreign secretary

Cleaners who work at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office are facing disciplinary action for asking for a pay rise.

The 14 workers, who are earning just above the minimum wage, wrote a letter to Philip Hammond asking for a meeting to discuss the London living wage.

However, shortly after, they received a letter from their employer, Interserve, which asked them to a disciplinary hearing.

The contractor denies the two are related, however the letter said the hearing was an investigation for “bringing the contract into disrepute” and the original letter signed by the 14 cleaners was attached.

Cleaner Katy Rojas is one of the staff facing redundancy. She said: “I was one of the best cleaners there. I never had any trouble with my job. Some clients sent emails saying I was great. They made me redundant and kept people who were in the company two years and had grievances against them for bad behaviour and not me,” she told the Guardian.

“All my workmates know they have made me redundant because they want to intimidate the cleaners and give them a lesson … One of my bosses laughed at me and said, ‘You’re never going to get the London living wage sending letters to the minister because you don’t work for the Foreign Office.’ I know that, but I work in the building of the Foreign Office.”


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