Depressing facts about UK boardrooms - The average UK boss is a 54-year-old white man called Andrew

And 28% were educated overseas

The average UK boss is a 54-year-old white guy called Andrew who went to a non-elite UK university, reasearch from workwear manufacturer Stormline has found.

Currently there are more bosses called Andrew (eight) than there are women (six) in the UK’s top firms

But that’s set to change in January 2016 as Alison Brittain is set to take over from Andy Harrison as CEO of Whitbread. This will make the Andrew:all women ratio 7:7 and will mean two of the seven top women bosses are called Alison.

The study found that:

  • The names Andrew or Andy, James, John, Peter, Ian, Mark or Marc or Richard ​represent 32% of all UK bosses at top firms.
  • 14% of all top UK bosses went to Oxford or Cambridge
  • 28% were educated overseas
  • 21% went to non-elite universities in the UK
  • 6% went to elite, non-Oxbridge UK universities

Take a look at the infographic

The average UK boss is a 54-year-old white man called Andrew - Infographic reveals the homogeneous nature of UK boardrooms


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  • The statistics probably reflect more of the situation of equality (or perhaps more correctly inequality!) of the era when these bosses were growing up - just as Andrew may have been a popular boys baby name in 1961. Future result I'm sure will follow the changes that have occurred in the last 20 years.

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