British Airways and Lufthansa named most-polluting transatlantic airlines

Group that exposed Volkswagen emissions scandal turns attention to airlines

The environmental research team that worked to expose the illegal activity behind the Volkswagen emissions scandal has named British Airways and German carrier Lufthansa as the most-polluting transatlantic airlines.

The International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) placed BA and Lufthansa at the bottom of their list of 20 top transatlantic airlines, based on their carbon footprint.

Meanwhile, the most fuel-efficient airlines were Norwegian Air Shuttle, Air Berlin and Aer Lingus.

According to the ICCT report, BA planes burnt 51% more fuel per passenger kilometre than Norwegian Air Shuttle.

The news comes ahead of the Paris climate summit which opens on 30 November. World leaders from 190 countries are due to meet to discuss a possible new global agreement.

The ICCT’s findings will add pressure to governments to reach agreements on limiting pollution from passenger planes.

Dan Rutherford, programme director for aviation at ICCT said: “It’s surprising to see such large differences in fuel efficiency on long-haul flights over the Atlantic.

“The report reinforces the need for policies to reduce carbon emissions from international aviation, namely carbon pricing and aircraft efficiency standards.”

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