Boris backs UCL students’ bid to scrap paper receipts

London Mayor Boris Johnson has thrown a £20,000 development fund behind an idea by two London students to end paper receipts.

Speaking at “The Crystal” in east London’s Royal Victoria Docks on Thursday, Johnson announced that two University College London students had won his 2013 Low Carbon Prize Award with their idea “Reseed”, out of group of 10 finalists.

Johnson praised the “fantastic” Reseed project, from Will Hines and Rachel Clemo, which aims to end the use of paper receipts in favour of e-receipts, with savings put towards planting trees.

“Green technology is worth lots of money around the world and it’s where the London economy needs to be in the next 10, 20, 30 years. The London economy is changing rapidly and you’re seeing more and more innovation in green tech, and you guys are at the cutting edge,” the Mayor said.

In an aside to Roland Aurich, UK CEO of Siemens and sponsor of the event, Johnson quipped: ““What are we going to do to make sure Reseed is launched and MPs can no longer fiddle their expenses?”  

Will Hines and Rachel Clemo win the Mayor's Low Carbon Prize 2013

Source: Asa Bennett

Will Hines and Rachel Clemo win the Mayor’s Low Carbon Prize 2013

Speaking to after their award, Will Hines said: “It’s a great honour to have won - 90% of the people we talk to want an end to paper receipts, but now we’ll need to work with the retailers to get this going.”

His business partner Rachel Clemo added:  “We’re thrilled to have won, and now it’s all systems go for us and making Reseed happen!”

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