Black workers suffer average pay gap of 23%

Pay gap worsens as educational attainment increases

Graduates in the trees

Some graduates are more equal than others

Black workers are earning significantly less than similarly skilled and experienced white workers, new analysis of pay data has proved.

Data gathered by the Trades Union Congress (TUC), shows that black workers at all levels of education endure discriminatory rates of pay, which worsen higher up the educational ladder.

At GCSE level, the gap between black and white workers is 11%, the TUC says. This then rises to a gap of 14% at A level, and up to 30% at graduate level.

TUC general secretary Frances O’Grady said: “Race still plays a huge role in determining pay.

“The harsh reality is that at any level of education, black and Asian workers are getting paid less than their white counterparts.

“The government cannot afford to ignore these figures and must now take genuine action to tackle pay discrimination.”

Previous studies have indicated that it is not the quality of university attended that may be a cause for such a large pay gap either, as the gap extends to those graduates from the most selective universities.

The TUC said: “This suggests that education alone will do little to address racial inequalities, and the need for interventions that directly challenge racial inequalities in the workplace.”

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