Barnardo’s: Save apprenticeships for kids in care

Charity calls for businesses and government to support care leavers

Young care leavers can boost Britain’s economy with access to apprenticeships, according to Barnardo’s.

The charity is calling for the government and businesses to put aside 20,000 apprenticeships for those leaving the care system – taking into account their potential and not necessarily grades, as there is a significant attainment gap between care leavers and their peers.

Barnardo’s chief executive Javed Khan said: “Young people leaving the care system have ambition and talents. They want to work, to be financially independent and contribute to the country’s economy.

“But too often, care leavers find the door to employment is closed. Getting an apprenticeship and proving themselves in work can open up the door to a successful career instead of a dependence on benefits.

“Young people are the future of Britain’s economy. They must be invested in and given the right support to get into work.”

The Department for Education said it was fully funding apprenticeships training for eligible care leavers aged 19-23.

“We have also changed the law so young people can live with their foster family after they turn 18, and given every child who leaves care a personal adviser,” a spokesman said.


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