A pool, a rooftop terrace, a chocolate fountain... Here are the 50 things that make the coolest office

Yeah we wouldn’t mind a ball pit either…

Visualise your dream office. Maybe you’re thinking of Google or Ben & Jerry’s famously zany workspaces with slides and ice cream.

MobileSlots.com has come up with what it reckons is the definitive list of what workers would have in their ideal office.

OK, so a nap room might come in useful on occasion, but what would workers even do with water beds? Don’t answer that.

(As we look down the list, can we all just spare a thought for the poor saps who desired only unlimited ink in the office printer and never-ending sticky notes?)

Here it is:

1.            Slides

2.            Personal barista to make your coffee

3.            Puppy/kitten room

4.            A gym

5.            Nap rooms

6.            A punch bag

7.            Segway scooters

8.            Floor-to-ceiling windows

9.            Massaging office chairs

10.         A daily buffet

11.         A crèche

12.         A games room

13.         A library

14.         Bean bags

15.         A pool

16.         A spa

17.         A rooftop terrace

18.         Free laundry and dry cleaning service

19.         A barber shop

20.         A floor piano

21.         An aquarium

22.         Heated seats

23.         A hair salon

24.         Personal butler

25.         A bakery

26.         A shoe shiner

27.         Unlimited ink in the printer

28.         An ice cream van

29.         A jukebox

30.         A chocolate fountain

31.         A cinema

32.         A bar that pops up at 5pm

33.         A carousel

34.         A yoga studio

35.         A garden

36.         A popcorn machine

37.         Zip wires

38.         Unlimited sticky notes

39.         Posh hand cream in the toilets

40.         Water beds

41.         Hammocks

42.         Greenhouse

43.         A chandelier

44.         Marble floors

45.         A ball pit

46.         A slush machine for the summer

47.         Free toiletries in the staff toilets

48.         Showers

49.         A car wash

50.         Personalised car park spots


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