36 FTSE 100 bosses sign a letter calling for Britain to stay in the EU – but you won’t believe who is behind it

Bosses of BT, Marks and Spencer and Vodafone have signed the letter

In what has been described by some with very short memories as an “unprecedented” move, 36 bosses of the UK’s largest businesses have signed a letter urging Britain to stay in the EU.

(Those of us who remember the general election, however, will recall seeing 100 businesspeople sign a letter in support of the Conservative Party back in April last year, so “unprecedented” is a bit of a stretch.)

Nevertheless, the letter, which was published in the Times, said leaving the UK would deter investment in the UK and risk jobs.

Who orchestrated it?

The letter wasn’t, as it may initially seem, produced under the steam of the FTSE 100 CEOs and chairman. It was in fact orchestrated by Downing Street, which admitted to using taxpayers’ money and “applying pressure” on bosses.

Richard Tice, co-founder of the Leave.EU campaign said: “The truth is that despite the bullying of a prime minister who has no real business experience, it is other normal commercial factors which will determine the continued success of British businesses to invest and grow.

“Brexit will reduce unnecessary regulatory burdens and cost on business, which can be used to invest in more jobs, not less,” he added.



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