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Millionaire wealthrich - Who wants to be a millionaire with Chris Tarrant

One in 30 Londoners is a millionaire - but one in four live in poverty

Thu, 24 Jul 2014

There are 281,000 dollar-millionaires based in London, according to new research – the equivalent of almost one in 30 of the capital’s population (including those who work in London).

4G explosion in the UK

Facebook revenues may be up 61% but they’re still 13x lower than Apple’s

Thu, 24 Jul 2014

Now, I’m sure there are few of us who would turn our noses up at making $2.91bn in total revenue in just three months, as Facebook just did in its second quarter of this year (Q2 2014).

Houses of Parliament

Police carry out controlled explosion of suspect package outside Parliament

Mon, 21 Jul 2014

Police have carried out a controlled explosion of a suspect package outside the Houses of Parliament.

carlos slim

The world’s second-richest person thinks we should work three-day weeks

Mon, 21 Jul 2014

It’s a little hard to believe that the man who has amassed a $72bn fortune – making him the second-richest person in the world, after Bill Gates – would ever work only three days a week.

Windfarms - take the power back

Take the power back: Why British businesses are generating their own energy

While Cameron swings at windmills, companies are looking forwards, to cut costs and protect their future

Many hands in a circle

Tackling Britain’s youth unemployment challenge

From open days to apprenticeships, businesses are rising to the challenge

Daniel Todaro, MD of Gekko

How to give the perfect interview – and bag the perfect candidate    

Sourcing the right people and attracting talent to roles is a major challenge for any recruitment department. Here’s how to do it


10 myths about automatic enrolment busted!

One million employers are due for enrolment. Is your business ready?

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Game-changing ideas for the public & private sectors, from responsible business leaders

Women in the boardroom

Frances Dickens: Women on boards – why appearances can be deceptive

Every firm in the FTSE 100 now has at least one woman on its board, but is this just “window dressing”?

Sophie Hobson, editor of

Sophie Hobson: Justin King knows it, and so should you - responsible business is the future

Ethical consumerism is growing fast, and business leaders know it, explains our editor. Are you moving quickly enough?


8 insurance mistakes businesses need to watch out for

These follies can wipe out profits and slow growth

RBS eguide

LEAP OF FAITH: Now is the time to start your business - here's how

Stop day-dreaming and start doing. It’s easier than you think. Our free e-guide will show you how

Burberry in China

What these fast-growing foreign markets are buying from Britain

From school books to rare books, British products are in high demand

Union Jack sunglasses - Made in Britain

How "Brand Britain" can help your business

By 2017 total expenditure from domestic and overseas tourists in the UK is forecast to reach over £135.5bn. Is your business ready to take advantage?

European Union

Close to home: Why the EU is a great first port of call for exporting hopefuls

BRICS and MINTs are all very well – but when it comes to starting out, businesses should begin with Europe

Brand Britain

How these British brands are nailing it overseas – and how you could be too

Exporting is easier than you think. Here’s how to get started


Unlocking growth with alternative finance

From crowd-funding to equity finance, this is your fast-growth need-to-know

Raising finance

Why you need to act NOW to automatically enrol staff into a pension scheme

It could cost your business up to £50,000 if you don’t take action on time

Staff gagged

Robyn Vinter: How zero-hours contracts can encourage illegal behaviour

Today the government said jobseekers would lose their benefits if they turn down zero-hours contracts without a good reason.

Mark Boleat, City of London Corporation Policy Chairman

Mark Boleat: Want the best young talent? Paid internships could be the answer

Talent doesn’t just reside in those with the best contacts, says the City of London Corporation’s policy chairman

Rocket taking off

Eight amazing ways exporting can make your growth explode

Looking for improved productivity, innovation and resilience?

Business growth

Surviving the recovery

How your business can stay ahead as the economy grows


Making the exporting leap

The government wants you to export – and banks are ready to help you

Game of Thrones

6 spoiler-free business lessons to take from Game of Thrones

It’s not all stabbing people in the back

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