What would make Britain better? We ask the public

…and get some interesting ideas

This week the chancellor will unveil his Budget for the year – a set of measures which loosely outlines how the nation’s pot of money will be made and spent.

A lot of businesspeople and business organisations have already told us what they’d like George Osborne to pull out of that red briefcase, but the ordinary taxpaying people of Britain have been a little less forthcoming.

So because of this, LondonlovesBusiness.com went down to Westminster, grabbed a handful of Brits and persuaded them to air their (sometimes strong) views.

We asked them: “What would make Britain better?”

There’s at least one surprising response…

There’s plenty for George to go on there if he wants to make some necessary additions to his budget at the last minute. Going by the suggestions we’ve had so far he could have unemployed people serve in the military in order to receive their benefits, divert extra money to the NHS to stop Britain’s hospital closures or introduce an initiative to bring together different generations.

What do you think would make Britain better? Tell us your bright ideas in the comments below or join the debate on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook.


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