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Oyster card Tube fares

3 big fat Tube strike myths

Wed, 5 Aug 2015 12:04 pm| By Robyn Vinter

You’ve heard them all before but they’re NOT TRUE

Pizza Express

Tipping point – As protests over restaurants’ tips policies grow, here’s which chains tax staff for tips

Wed, 5 Aug 2015 11:27 am| By Harry Cockburn

Which restaurants tax their staff for tips left by card?

Tube Strike July

Here's a BRILLIANT idea to minimise disruption during Tube strikes

Wed, 5 Aug 2015 11:09 am| By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

Tube strikes bring misery – both for the strikers and London commuters.

National Statistics

Damned lies and statistics? Are Britain’s official statistics out of date? And can we trust them?

Wed, 5 Aug 2015 9:32 am| By Harry Cockburn

Former Bank of England deputy launches review into ONS

Tony Blair hand

Could Tony Blair face trial over war crimes in Iraq? Here's what Jeremy Corbyn has to say

Wed, 5 Aug 2015 9:29 am| By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair should face trial over the Iraq war in 2003, Labour leadership candidate Jeremy Corbyn said yesterday.


New York to London in ONE HOUR? It’s possibleVideo

Tue, 4 Aug 2015 12:08 pm| By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

Airbus is working on a jet that can cover the 3,459-mile journey between London to New York in 60 minutes.

Tube mind the gap

Tube strike 2015: How to get around London

Tue, 4 Aug 2015 12:03 pm| By Harry Cockburn

Tube strikes begin tomorrow, here’s how to beat the disruption

Tube strike

5 appalling impacts of London Tube strikes

Tue, 4 Aug 2015 11:55 am| By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

As Tube workers prepare to strike on 5 August over Night Tube pay offer

RBS new

The government just made £2.1bn selling RBS shares so why are people annoyed?

Tue, 4 Aug 2015 11:31 am| By Robyn Vinter

It might look like the taxpayer is quids in – but we’re not

National Gallery Protest

National Gallery workers row: “All out indefinite strike to begin”, says Serwotka

Tue, 4 Aug 2015 11:17 am| By Harry Cockburn

Indefinite walkout to hit London’s biggest gallery this month

Parkour in London - success happy hurrah win

Infographic: Is London the friendliest city in the UK?

Tue, 4 Aug 2015 10:27 am

And how much disposable income do Londoners have?

Ken Livingstone Corbyn

Exclusive: “CIA death squads” – the one thing that could stop Jeremy Corbyn, according to Ken Livingstone

Tue, 4 Aug 2015 10:15 am| By Harry Cockburn

At a rally for the Labour frontrunner, LondonLovesBusiness caught up with the former mayor of London

London bus

London Tube strike: here's how to get a free bus ride

Tue, 4 Aug 2015 9:55 am| By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

(But only from Liverpool Street to Kings Cross)

Tube Strike July

Tube strike on 5 August: Services to stop running from 6.30pm

Tue, 4 Aug 2015 9:34 am| By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

Londoners, brace yourselves for commuter misery as union bosses have confirmed that a Tube strike is set to go ahead this week.

Mystery man

Awkward! Nobody knows who the shadow chancellor isVideo

Tue, 4 Aug 2015 1:00 am| By Robyn Vinter

“Errrr… I should know this one.”

40-storey Bishopgate skyscraper

Take a look at London's newest 40-storey skyscraper

Mon, 3 Aug 2015 12:04 pm| By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

Another day, another plan for another skyscraper for London has been unveiled.

George Osborne

Say goodbye to all these publicly-owned assets because Osborne is selling them

Mon, 3 Aug 2015 11:58 am| By Robyn Vinter

Osborne wants to flog more public assets than Thatcher

Jeremy Corbyn 5

Corbynomics - what on earth is Jeremy Corbyn's economic policy?

Mon, 3 Aug 2015 11:54 am| By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

We chat to tax expert Richard Murphy, the author of Jeremy Corbyn’s economic policy

Hippy Crack addicts with their drugs

Protestors stage mass inhalation of laughing gas at Parliament

Mon, 3 Aug 2015 11:26 am| By Harry Cockburn

Giggles ensue after campaigners take nitrous oxide in protest at drugs law

Renting tenancy agreement

Landlords must evict failed asylum seekers under new immigration bill

Mon, 3 Aug 2015 11:01 am| By Harry Cockburn

Benefits for migrants whose asylum requests fail to be stripped away

Night Tube picco

Woohoo! The Tube is getting a £5.4bn revamp – here’s what you need to know about it

Mon, 3 Aug 2015 9:34 am| By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

Good news Londoners - Transport for London (TfL) is set to revamp 40% of the Tube network.

London skyline sunshine

Foreign investors spend £1.8bn on London property in the second quarter of 2015

Mon, 3 Aug 2015 9:16 am| By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

Foreigners’ land-buying spree is at its highest level since 2007

Yorkshire landscape

23 cracking Yorkshire facts

Fri, 31 Jul 2015 12:36 pm| By Robyn Vinter

Stick that in your ginnel*

Sugar pointing

Lord Sugar receives £100 compensation from troll after racist Twitter attack

Fri, 31 Jul 2015 11:49 am| By Harry Cockburn

Lord Alan Sugar stands to receive £100 in compensation after a youth directed racist abuse at the businessman on Twitter.

Wind farms take power 376

Least green government ever? 10 ways the government is putting the environment on the back-burner

Fri, 31 Jul 2015 11:22 am| By Harry Cockburn

Big business and national charities lash out at environmentally-unfriendly policies

Blue moon

Here’s why you’re probably going to be mighty disappointed by the blue moon tonight

Fri, 31 Jul 2015 11:18 am| By Robyn Vinter

It’s called a blue moon, but it’s no bluer than a normal moon. Sorry

Renting a house

What you *really* need to earn to rent a one-bed in each London postcode

Fri, 31 Jul 2015 10:57 am| By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

Planning to rent a house in London? Get ready to be depressed.

Boris mayor office

Boris is “engineering” Tube strikes in August and "Londoners deserve better”

Fri, 31 Jul 2015 10:11 am| By Robyn Vinter

Harsh words about the mayor’s relationship with transport unions

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Google Glass

Google's big secret: Tech giant quietly launches new version of Google Glass

Fri, 31 Jul 2015| By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

Remember Google Glass, the tech giant’s spectacles project that was scrapped in January this year? Well, it’s back.

Lloyds banking group

Lloyds’ PPI compensation bill reaches £13bn

Fri, 31 Jul 2015| By Robyn Vinter

But the bank still increased profits by 38%


Check out Aquila, Facebook's giant internet drone

Fri, 31 Jul 2015 |Updated: Fri, 31 Jul 2015| By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

It took 14 months to build the drone

The Facebook logo reflected in the eyes of a man. Who will Facebook acquire next?

These three Facebook facts will blow your mind

Thu, 30 Jul 2015| By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

You know a tech giant has become mammoth when you start using it as a verb.

Jeremy Corbyn 5

Jeremy Corbyn – underdog becomes top dog as Unison joins Unite in announcing support

Thu, 30 Jul 2015| By Harry Cockburn

Bookies slash odds on Corbyn win, creating “biggest price fall in political betting history”

Coke Cola

This graphic showing Coca-Cola's effects on your body in 60 minutes has gone VIRAL

Thu, 30 Jul 2015| By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

An infographic showing how your body reacts to the first sip of Coca-Cola and its effects on your body in 60 minutes has gone viral.

Met Police

Anti-semitic attacks in London double in a year

Thu, 30 Jul 2015

The number of anti-semetic crimes in London is up 137% in a year and one in 10 involves violence.

£3m council home

*Gulp* - This London council home is on the market for £3m

Thu, 30 Jul 2015| By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

Council homes worth a whopping £3m? Only in London.

uNEXPECTED ITEM in bagging area

Tesco says goodbye to irritating “unexpected item in bagging area” phrase. Here is the replacement Video

Thu, 30 Jul 2015| By Harry Cockburn

Unexpected item in bagging area, unexpected item in bagging area, unexpected item in bagging area


7 disgraceful stats about renting in London

Wed, 29 Jul 2015| By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

It is cheaper to commute from Madrid each day than rent in Camden Town

Apple iPhone 6

3 big Apple iPhone rumours you need to know right now

Wed, 29 Jul 2015| By Robyn Vinter

Here’s what’s up in Appleville

Barclays bank

Barclays profits up 43% to £1.6bn just weeks after sacking CEO Antony Jenkins

Wed, 29 Jul 2015| By Robyn Vinter

The bank’s half-year results revealed

Parliament prank

Watch the Parliament prank that caused £5,500 of damageVideo

Wed, 29 Jul 2015| By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

The dumb kid who jumped off Tower Bridge is not alone. Turns out, there are other pranksters pulling weird stunts around London landmarks.

Uber map cropped

You know Uber’s real-time map showing the car locations? It’s fake

Wed, 29 Jul 2015| By Robyn Vinter

When you use the app, those cars you see aren’t really there

District Line

Seven District Line drivers refused to drive Tubes today - here's why

Tue, 28 Jul 2015| By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

Seven Tube drivers refused to take out trains and were subsequently sent home today.

Drugs of all kinds

Politicians and drugs: Who’s done what? Does it matter?

Tue, 28 Jul 2015| By Harry Cockburn

From Andy Burnham to Barack Obama, a significant proportion of politicians have admitted to dabbling with drugs

Money graph 2

Here’s what everyone had to say about the latest GDP figures

Tue, 28 Jul 2015| By Robyn Vinter

The UK’s GDP rose 0.7% in the second quarter of 2015, up from 0.4% in the first quarter

Tesco bans Ribena and Capri Sun

"Shame on you" - Tesco bans Ribena and Capri-Sun, Twitter erupts in disappointment

Tue, 28 Jul 2015| By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

Tesco is to stop selling sugary drinks in a bid to prevent childhood obesity.

a person walking past a job centre plus

Are these the REAL unemployment figures? If so, they’re startling

Tue, 28 Jul 2015| By Robyn Vinter

We thought more men than women are unemployed – but it could be the other way round

Boris Johnson and his wife Marina Wheeler

Mayor apologises after being caught giving his wife a “backie” on his bike

Tue, 28 Jul 2015| By Harry Cockburn

Johnson said he was carrying his wife to a main road to catch a taxi

Lord Sewel

Lord Sewel quits House of Lords after sex & drug claims. Here's his resignation letter in full

Tue, 28 Jul 2015| By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

“I want to apologise for the pain and embarrassment I have caused,” he wrote.

Dirty money

Cameron: UK property will not be a “safe haven for corrupt money”

Tue, 28 Jul 2015| By Robyn Vinter

Property bought with “plundered and laundered” foreign money will be revealed

Jeremy Corbyn 4

Corbyn could face coup if elected Labour leader

Mon, 27 Jul 2015| By Harry Cockburn

Senior MPs are plotting to oust Corbyn before 2020 election if he wins leadership

The Financial Times

First it sold the Financial Times, now Pearson is selling the Economist

Mon, 27 Jul 2015| By Robyn Vinter

Publisher looking to offload its 50% stake in the magazine

Lord Sewel

Lord Sewel scandal: 69-year-old peer rages at Cameron, Blair, and Corbyn while wearing prostitute’s bra

Mon, 27 Jul 2015| By Harry Cockburn

Peer resigns position as deputy speaker over cocaine and sex party allegations

London Underground Tube 1970s

Did a serial killer push 18 people to their deaths on the Tube in the 1970s?

Mon, 27 Jul 2015| By Robyn Vinter

Scotland Yard covered up killer’s confession, a former detective claims

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