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Latest advice and analysis for London businesses

Sebastian Coe

Who is going to be the next mayor of London? Here are a few pointers...

As party conferences roll on, here are the potential and declared Tory and Labour candidates

I'm Not A Plastic Bag

Do you know what a social enterprise is, really? These 10 amazing examples use business to change the world

The team from On Purpose explain all by introducing these inspiring social enterprises

The winners of the London Loves Excellence Awards 2014

London Loves Excellence Award winners revealed!

Meet the greatest entrepreneurs and companies, and find out why they won

Women woman boardroom business female stock photo

Why Kingfisher’s new female CEO is the mark of real reform

The news that Véronique Laury will replace Sir Ian Cheshire as chief executive of FTSE 100 company Kingfisher in January next year shone light on some depressing statistics for women in business.

Natalie Campbell on what businesses can learn from schools

Natalie Campbell: Business has a thing or two to learn from schools

Now the new academic year is under way, no doubt schools will once again make the headlines. Not for looking after our children for more than half their waking hours, for keeping them alive, mostly engaged and safe – but for what they fail to do.

The Saltire and Union Jack flags are raised on Arthur's Seat with a view of Edinburgh Castle ahead of the Scottish Referendum 17 Sep 2014

They said NO! So now what for businesses across the UK?

It is not time for celebration, but time for deep reflection

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Business news from the last 24 hours

A view through Soho's red light district

Our GDP figures just got a £10bn boost by including prostitution and illegal drugs for the first time

Tue, 30 Sep 2014

A change to the way in which GDP is calculated now includes figures for prostitution and illicit drugs. The changes, which bring the GDP measure in line with European standards, show that the country’s GDP following the economic crisis was not as low as previously calculated.

Teen bends iPhone 6

Three big threats Apple faces this week Video

Tue, 30 Sep 2014

Last week we told you how Apple got royally stewed after $23bn was wiped off its value.

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