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Latest advice and analysis for London businesses

Battersea Power Station pink floyd cover

John Mills: This is why London is such a divided city

The founder of JML on how to rebalance our economy

London tech

Why tech companies are choosing Hackney over overpriced Clerkenwell and Farringdon

DeVono Property’s Adam Landau on London’s next tech hotspots

Clipper competition winner

How reading LondonlovesBusiness.com led to a once-in-a-lifetime sailing adventure

Our competition winner on her voyage with the GREAT Clipper

Jonny Goldstone - co-founder of Green Tomato Cars

Jonny Goldstone: Let’s make Britain a world-leader in electric vehicles

Why electric vehicles need to be a major priority for our cities

Sad face person

Robyn Vinter: How the economy is screwing over a whole generation of young people

Can’t get a job? No spare cash? Can’t buy a house? This is why


How to stop people stealing your great ideas

Here’s why you need to consider protecting your business

Channel 4 rooftop

Natalie Campbell: How to avoid the summer slump and motivate your team

The founder of A Very Good Company on how to beat the heat

RIP business suits

Robyn Vinter: Why the suit needs to just go and die

What we wear shouldn’t matter that much

WWI image Sketch-a-Etch

Sketch-a-Etch: We will remember them

Where words fail us, there’s always photoshop

Taxes for SMEs

5 genuinely interesting tax facts... no, really!

Tax is not a sexy subject. Just the mere mention of the word causes most people’s eyes to glaze over or brings them out in hives. However, here at LondonlovesBusiness.com we thought it was about time tax got interesting.

Matthew Hancock MP

Matthew Hancock MP: The value of social enterprise

Social enterprises contribute around £18bn to the UK economy

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Business news from the last 24 hours

Saltire flag scotland

English say “no” to Yes campaign’s plans to keep pound

Wed, 20 Aug 2014

Scotland’s Yes campaign is suffering as the war over currency rages on. First Minister of Scotland Alex Salmond wants to continue using the pound should Scots vote for independence next month, but the English do not want to share the pound with an independent Scotland, a new poll has shown.


Ash cloud II, the sequel – airlines on alert over Icelandic volcano threat

Wed, 20 Aug 2014

Airlines have been alerted that an Icelandic volcano may be on the brink of an eruption that could affect air travel. Meteorologists have warned that “ongoing magma movement” could also potentially lead to flooding or gas emissions at the Bardarbunga volcano.

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