Branson predicts two-hour flights from London to Australia

Virgin boss Richard Branson has predicted that two-hour flights from London to Australia could happen in his lifetime, along with expressing his mission to bring cheap space flights for all.

Speaking at the G8 Innovation conference on Friday morning, Sir Richard spoke of his work with his space trip venture Virgin Galactic to start commercial flights into space.

“Nine out of 10 people want to go to space, so it’s up to companies like Virgin to bring down the price,” he said. He revealed that he would be expecting the first flight to happen in December and would be “dissappointed” if it didn’t.

Branson said that his engineers were “itching to work on point-to-point air travel and make it many times quicker than Concorde”.

Asked if two-hour flights could happen soon from London to Australia, the Virgin boss replied: “It will happen. Definitely it will happen in my children’s lifetime but hopefully in mine”.

Branson praised the amount of “exciting young entrepreneurs” springing up which meant that “entrepreneurialism is an acceptable word for most members of the public and it’s encouraged and welcomed”.

He issued a call to action for entrepreneurs and business to fight for social issues, saying: “Business can be a force for good and they shouldn’t just worry about the bottom line.

“If we can get every single business leader to adopt a problem or two to help with, we can get on top of most of the problems in the world.”

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  • Anonymous

    It is odd that the media give Richard Branson widespread publicity every time he has anything to say. I think it would be much better if he spent more time improving the rubbish service at Virgin Atlantic which my company recently dropped following several poor experiences.

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