BCC slams “tawdry political tactics” ahead of “wide-open” election

The British Chambers of Commerce has lashed out at political parties of all shades.

The group has warned that political “point-scoring” could sideline important issues facing businesses in Britain.

In a scathing open letter, John Longworth, director general of the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) said that “tawdry political tactics and point-scoring” of political parties is creating greater uncertainty among businesses and putting the UK’s future prosperity at risk.

In the letter, which was addressed to leaders of the UK’s largest political parties, as well as growing forces such as the Green Party, UKIP and the SNP, Longworth wrote: “The general election you are now preparing to fight isn’t just the most wide-open contest in decades.

“It is also creating huge nervousness among British businesses, as politicians rush between television studios and events to undercut their rivals’ policy pronouncements, to proclaim themselves the most ‘in-touch’ with the needs of the people, or to jump on the latest media bandwagon.”

The broad-ranging letter also takes aim at the “yawning gulf between the world of education and the world of work”, as well as having a swipe at short-term policy approaches.

“We want public spending based on prudence and long-term stability, not short term give-aways and gimmicks,” Longworth says.

In addition he says parties must “radically re-think business taxation, to remove distortions in competition and to deliver equitable treatment for all businesses, whatever their ownership”.

Read a full version of the letter here.

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