Government could have made £180m more from Royal Mail

But should we be bothered about £180m?

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Bullsh*t in a box

Why has a company sold 30,000 boxes of faeces for $6 each?

A US company sold 30,000 boxes of cattle faeces in just 30 minutes in the run up to Christmas.

Russell Brand

Have you read the RBS worker’s open letter to Russell Brand and its responses? You should

Oh look, it’s been five minutes, so there must be another… Russell Brand headline! Thankfully, this one involves less Russell and more Jo, a banker from RBS and some excellent bloggers.

Oil rig in North Sea

Oil be damned: North Sea oil heading for the rocks as prices crash

The UK’s North Sea oil industry is in crisis as the price of oil has fallen below the cost of sucking it out of the earth.

Green Party leader Natalie Bennett

The public overwhelmingly thinks the Green Party should be included in the general election TV debates

The vast majority of the British public think the Green Party should be included in the TV leaders’ debates.

Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe

Britain could see a Sydney-style terror attack, warns Scotland Yard chief

Britain narrowly escaped four to five terror attacks this year, Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe has warned.

Green party poster

The Green Party is growing much faster than you might think. This is whyVideo

It’s not easy being green, as Kermit the Frog used to say*, and the Green Party know that better than anyone.

Happy graduate jumping for joy university

Take that, Oxbridge! London universities dominate the research top 10

Oh, Universities of Oxford and Cambridge – you think you’re so clever, don’t you?

Snow chaos causes train delays

Christmas Eve commuter chaos: leave London before 9pm

Christmas Eve in London is set to be commuter hell, thanks to the £200m worth of essential engineering works that need to be carried out over the holidays.

Job vacancies employment

Unemployment falls and wage growth overtakes inflation for first time in 6 years

Some good news as Advent reaches its giddy yuletide peak: levels of employment have risen.

Uber taxi

China's Google, Baidu, invests a rumoured $600m in Uber

Controversial taxi app Uber, valued at $40bn recently, has just got a vote of confidence from “China’s Google”, Baidu.

Top UKIP donors

Top 10 donors who bankrolled UKIP in 2014

Nigel Farage’s party has raised over £3m this year

Knife and fork carving restaurant dining food

London’s Restaurant Story named best restaurant in UK. Who else made the list?

Eight of the top 10 restaurants in th UK as chosen by diners are in London.

Branson gets a kiss from Tony Fernandes

World Cup, Ebola, iPhone 6 and how to kiss - here are 2014's biggest UK Google trends

“How to kiss”, “How to draw” and “How to meditate” – these are the three big questions Londoners sought answers for on Google in 2014.

Boris Johnson on the London Underground

Boris blames xenophobia for complaints London is overcrowded

Mayor of London Boris Johnson today lashed out at xenophobic Londoners for complaining that the capital is too crowded.

Dom Joly with an oversized mobile phone

BT is trying to buy EE for £12.5bn. Here’s what you need to know

Why does BT want EE? How would the deal affect customers and staff?

Basket of goods inflation

Inflation falls to 12-year lowVideo

We could soon join our European neighbours in being at risk of deflation, after last month’s figures show inflation fell to just 1% - a 12-year low for the UK.

UKIP logo

How did UKIP get its hands on £1.5m in EU funds?

UKIP has received £1.5m worth of EU funding which was set aside for helping European countries integrate better.

Coop bank

Co-op fails banking stress test

The Co-operative Bank has failed a Bank of England test which aimed to work out how well banks could withstand a financial crisis.

Diversity is essential in the workplace

Here’s proof Britain’s top boardrooms are going backwards on diversity

The boardrooms of Britain’s top companies are becoming less ethnically diverse, despite a huge government push to improve diversity.

Amazon Christmas Tree 2

Nightmare before Christmas for Amazon sellers as glitch reduces thousands of items to 1p

There are bargains, and then there are catastrophic pricing errors.

BNP racist card

The BNP has released its Christmas card and, true to form, it’s pretty racist

Here it is – the annual festive monstrosity known as the BNP Christmas card.

Supermarket shopping trolley fast

UK’s first social supermarket for low-income earners opens today

The UK’s first shop selling low-cost, high quality surplus food to people on income support has opened.

Boris glasses

This is why Boris Johnson might go to jail

“Now what on earth has London Mayor Boris Johnson done to deserve jail?” You might be wondering.

Nigel farage upset

This is Nigel Farage’s biggest regret

Nigel Farage has talked about his biggest regret in a programme going out on Channel 4 tonight.

House price drop

Big price drop: London homes lose £30,000 in a month

Average asking prices in all of London’s 32 boroughs have seen a drop.

shopping on oxford street

London is NOT the world's most expensive retail market

Hong Kong boasts the most expensive retail space in the world, it has been revealed.

Parking ticket small

You wouldn't believe how many millions councils made from parking charges

Councils in England went laughing all the way to bank this year as they made a combined profit of  £667m from parking charges.

Question Time

Farage vs Brand on Question Time – who won?Video

The answer might surprise you

Grosvenor Crescent

Britain's most expensive streets revealed - how many in London?

How expensive is a home on Grosvenor Crescent, the most expensive street in Britain? So expensive that Cheryl Cole’s £16m fortune will fall short for buying a typical Grade II listed house on that street.

Andy McLoughlin, co-founder, Huddle

Huddle just raised $51m. Meet co-founder Andy McLoughlinVideo

Want to learn about serious fundraising and growth? Read on

instagram breakast

Here’s why you’re about to lose followers on Instagram

No, it’s not becasue you took too many photos of your breakfast (but those are really boring by the way)

Instagram home page on a tablet

Instagram has just overtaken Twitter – here are 5 interesting stats

Social picture sharing site Instagram is now bigger than Twitter with 300 million active users.

Waterstones books shelves

Which books did people buy but not finish this year?

We’ve all been there. You start reading the year’s most talked about book but no matter how hard you try, you can’t work out what the hell the fuss is all about.

Saving the economy

These are Britain's fastest-growing private companies

Britain’s top 100 fastest-growing private companies have increased their sales on average 71% year-on-year, and are now worth a combined £3.8bn, according to the 18th annual The Sunday Times Virgin Fast Track 100.

Eric Garner protest at Westfield

Why did 600 people stage a "die-in" protest at Westfield yesterday?

Over 600 people gathered at Westfield Shepherd’s Bush yesterday to protest the death of Eric Garner, a black man who died during an arrest in New York in July.

Galaxy future star innovation 2015

Natalie Campbell: My three big predictions for 2015

The founder of A Very Good Company on Tesco’s new direction and UK entrepreneurialism

Storm lightning threat risk

The biggest risk to the economy

According to the head of the Office for Budget Responsibility

Sunflowers business growth, fast grow, sun

12 killer business growth tips for SMEs

Overtake the competition, motivate your team and devise awesome strategies

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Merry Shristmas anyone? Here are Poundland's hilarious Christmas blunders

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Three Wise Lads

Christ! This is how rich the wise men would be today, with their gold, frankincense and myrrh swag

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When a person is born who you suspect may well be God, you had better be sure your gifts are up to scratch.


This beautiful video shows London in timelapses by 40 photographersVideo

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Gosh – London can look beautiful sometimes, can’t it?

Office Party Christmas

7 things to remember during Christmas party seasonVideo

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Police posters index

The story behind the posters everywhere saying police are "really racist"

“We caused the 2011 riots by shooting dead an unarmed civilian and then lying about it. And we got away with it.”

Senor Ceviche

Really, another Peruvian restaurant? Yes, Señor Ceviche - review

By Sherelle Jacobs

London’s craze for Peruvian food shows little sign of abating. Sherelle Jacobs heads to Kingly Court to suss out the latest

Lion Christmas present

Which UK city spends most on Christmas? (It’s not London)

By Sophie Hobson

In fact, London’s not even in the top five for Christmas spending. You tight gits.

Cinema old

And... CUT! Orange Wednesdays will end in February

By Sophie Hobson

It’s a sad week for British cinema-goers.

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The foodies' guide to Christmas: where to eat, what to cook and trends to try

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