Enterprise explosion: 1 in 11 Brits are running a start-up

The number of start-ups is rising fast

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Latest London business news, trends & insights

Train man

Debt-burdened Network Rail faces privatisation

By Harry Cockburn

As problems bedevil the rail operator, could it be broken up?

Ed Miliband

The protest where Ed Miliband was shoved and pushed was organised by the Tories

By Robyn Vinter

Investigation shows protesters were from the Conservative camp

Computer depression

Surge in ad-blocking software spells trouble for publishers

By Harry Cockburn

Use of ad-blockers has surged by 70% over the last year

Companies infographic

Here’s what 8 famous companies looked like before they hit on their killer idea

By Robyn Vinter

Which tech company used to be a paper mill? Which voucher site was originally for fundraising?

Sir Philip Green

This is how much Sir Philip Green’s family made from selling BHS properties

By Sophie Hobson

A couple of weeks back, we learnt that retail billionaire Sir Philip Green had sold BHS for a measly £1.

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Frank Lampard 342

Lampard? Paxman? Strauss? Rise of the Celebri-tories

Tue, 24 Mar 2015

Are the Conservatives bolstering the number of celebrities in the party?

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More London business news, trends & insights

Martin Wheatley 378

MPs slam FCA as “dysfunctional” institution

By Harry Cockburn

The two-year old Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has been slammed as a “dysfunctional” body by MPs, in a damning report released today.

Pole dancing

Students turn to sex work to fund studies, says report

By Rebecca Hobson

One in 20 students has worked in the sex industry according to a new survey of 6,750 students.

Unhealthy London high streets

The 10 unhealthiest London high streets (and the 10 best)

By Sophie Hobson

Which trendy Tower Hamlets street tops the list?

London Underground crowding - commuters battle "chaos" on Tube during Olympics test

Why are Tube drivers earning £50k a year asking for a pay rise?

Plans for all-night Tubes hangs in the balance as Tube drivers are calling for a four-day week and a salary hike.

Sports Direct

MPs slam Sports Direct as an "immoral backstreet outfit"

By Sophie Hobson

And its chairman admits that three-quarters of staff are on zero-hours contracts

iphone smartphone apple

Apple rumoured to launch iPhone 6s & iPhone 7 in 2015Video

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

The euphoria of owning an iPhone 6 has pretty much faded and now iFans are looking forward to a newer version of their favourite phone.

Christian Wolmar

Meet Christian Wolmar, the outsider with a real chance of becoming London mayor

By Harry Cockburn

Could the relatively unknown cycling supporter pedal his way to victory?

Number of female CEOs

These four charts show the progress women are making in the FTSE 100

By Robyn Vinter

We’re at an all-time high for women on FTSE 100 boards

Salmond how big scotland

Could the SNP effectively block a Conservative-led government?

By Harry Cockburn

As the smaller parties grow, so too does their power

Gravy Express train HS2

Unconvincing and expensive – Lords reject economic case for HS2

By Harry Cockburn

Peers urge research into increasing capacity on existing rail network

Nick Kalms and Benjamin Radstone are the entrepreneurs behind YouSpotProperty.com

Meet the men trying to solve London's empty home crisis

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

We speak to Ben Radstone and Nick Kalms, co-founders, YouSpotProperty.com

Frank Lampard 342

Lampard? Paxman? Strauss? Rise of the Celebri-tories

By Harry Cockburn

Are the Conservatives bolstering the number of celebrities in the party?


Apple could become a $1 TRILLION company this year

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

Apple could be valued at $1 trillion this year, American brokerage Cantor Fitzgerald has predicted.

250 KG World War II German Bomb Found in Central London

Hundreds evacuated as army defuses WWII bomb in London

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

The unearthing of an unexploded World War Two bomb, close to a Bermondsey housing estate, has triggered a mass evacuation.

Tesco - trouble woe gloom - retail - black and white - used 11 Feb

Now Tesco is facing legal action from UK shareholders

By Sophie Hobson

The bigger they are, the harder they fall

Bank of England frozen

Inflation falls to 0%. So what does that mean?

By Robyn Vinter

Official stats reveal prices are neither rising nor falling

Ed Balls

Labour’s manifesto: no increase in VAT

By Robyn Vinter

Ed Balls will announce the pledge in a speech today

Cyber security hacking computers

It’s nearly impossible for big businesses to get insured against cyber attacks

By Robyn Vinter

Now there are calls for the government to set up a bailout fund for hacked businesses

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Food restaurants eating out

The hottest restaurants and food trends for Spring

Hungry? Try some hybrid cuisine or go hipster at Hoi Polloi. In other big news: brunch, Blacklock and breakfast radishes


Gutted about the loss of Orange Wednesdays? Meerkat Movies has saved the day

By Sophie Hobson

And you’ll be able to get two-for-one cinema tickets on Wednesdays OR Tuesdays

Question mark

Dragons' Den: Which Dragons buddy up together most often to invest?

Want to make it in their firey cavern? Then know how to play the team

Ceru restaurant

Why we’re in danger of losing our independent restaurants

New restaurants are struggling to launch and expand in London as demand for space has outstripped availability, says DeVono Property director Adam Landau

Monet Church at Varengeville Morning 466 622 actual

Review: Inventing Impressionism at the National Gallery

By Harry Cockburn

Overflowing with some of the world’s most famous paintings, this exhibition has struck gold

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Britain centre of world

Leaving the EU could cost the British economy £56bn a year, think tank warns

Mon, 23 Mar 2015

We’d need more migrant workers from outside the EU

George Osborne

10 reasons the Budget was a real letdown

Wed, 18 Mar 2015

George Osborne’s sixth Budget today, much like his grey tie, was boring. Here’s why

Budget red box Chancellor

Budget 2015: The key measures for businesses and entrepreneurs

Wed, 18 Mar 2015

A quick digest of the things that will affect your business, taxes and NI