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Snow in London

Will London see a white Christmas this year?

By Chloé Western

Here’s the latest odds…

Coffee coup d'etat

Starbucks boss Howard Schultz set to step down

By LLB Reporter

Coffee king abdicates

London Commuters

Southern Rail commuters to be paid compensation

By Chloé Western

Have you faced trouble on the trains?


Nestle finds new way to create chocolate with less sugar

By Chloé Western

Are you a chocolate lover?

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson does not support freedom of movement

By Chloé Western

Former London mayor says immigration is a good thing

Donald Trump

10 key Donald Trump businesses

By Chloé Western

Take a look…

Houses in North Norfolk

House price growth slowest since January

By Chloé Western

Is it all bad news? Take a look…

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Woman using laptop in bed

Sleep deprivation costing the country billions

By Chloé Western

How much sleep do you get a night?

Mince Pies

Tesco is giving away free mince pies this Christmas

By Chloé Western

Anyone fancy a free mince pie?

Heathrow Airport arrivals

5 key stats about immigration to the UK

By LLB Reporter

Latest data by the Office for National Statistics

Virgin Media

Virgin Media to bring out 4K box and tablet

By Chloé Western

Would you be interested in the new tech?


London commuters faced chaos last night as 17 stations closed

By Chloé Western

More delays in London…


New £5 note could go meat-free

By Chloé Western

Bank of England looking to change the new £5 note?

Zac Goldsmith

Zac Goldsmith hit by his own car

By Chloé Western

Trouble for Zac Goldsmith?

Shinzo Abe

Japan is creating the fastest computer in the world

By Chloé Western

Why is the country doing it?

John Lewis Logo

New Black Friday record for John Lewis

By Chloé Western

Did you buy anything on Black Friday?

Chapecoense fans

Chapecoense fans hold mass vigil for team in Colombian plane crash

By Chloé Western

The latest on the plane crash in Colombia

RBS Bank

RBS stress test failure

By Chloé Western

What happens now for RBS?

Iceland Logo

Iceland has a dispute with erm, Iceland over trademark issues

By Chloé Western

What’s next for the food chain?


Vegetarians outraged to know new £5 notes contain animal fat

By Chloé Western

What do you think shoud happen with the new £5 note?

Christmas Pudding

Prices rise for the Christmas pudding

By Chloé Western

Will you buy a Christmas pudding this year?

Cold weather

UK set to feel coldest night of Autumn so far

By Chloé Western

Make sure you stay warm tonight as temperatures will rapidly fall

1 Undershaft

5 things you need to know about the City's tallest skyscraper

By LLB Reporter

Heard about the Undershaft?


Southern Railway drivers vote to strike

By Chloé Western

More strike action for Southern Railway?

Columbian Plane Crash

Brazilian football team in Colombian plane crash

By Chloé Western

The latest on plane crash in Columbia

UKIP Leader Paul Nuttall

UKIP elects Paul Nuttall as new leader

By Chloé Western

What will the new leader bring to the table?

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Social Bookmarks

Merry Christmas

The cheapest Christmas dinners revealed

By LLB Reporter

Here’s where you should shop

Christmas Market

10 whacky facts about Christmas

By Chloé Western

Do you know these facts about Christmas?

F1 numberplate

Check out these mind-bogglingly expensive number plates

What people forked out for their favourite number plates

Fake John Lewis advert

This fake John Lewis advert has gone viral Video

By LLB Reporter

The advert has been made by a student

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