• Why London office markets will dip this year

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  • Housing market remains buoyant despite election chatter

  • The UK is heading towards a Brexit brain drain

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Google Logo

Should Google track consumer purchase behaviour?

By Sarah Dunsby

What’s your thoughts?


CBI: Pressures strengthening across the service sector

By Mark Fitt

Here’s what they had to say


Travelodge set to generate thousands of UK jobs

By LLB Reporter

The hotel giant reveals

Tim Farron

More than half of Brits don’t know who Tim Farron is

By LLB Reporter

Research by Sporting Index reveals

Working in an office

Why London office markets will dip this year

By LLB Reporter

New data reveals all

Sunny day in London

Bank holiday weather report

By LLB Reporter

What you need to know


YouGov Survey shows UK SMEs encounter eight legal issues a year

By Mark Fitt

This is what the survey revealed

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Plumbing tops list of Bank Holiday DIY disasters

By LLB Reporter

Water damage claims almost double over Bank Holiday


2017 will be a summer of staycations and cheaper destinations

By Peter Smyth

Should I stay or should I go?

Debit card payment

Debit cards set to overtake cash

By LLB Reporter

Change driven by growth in customers choosing contactless

Electrical waste

This is what Brits are wasting money on

By LLB Reporter

New survey reveals all

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